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Swedish 4 day enduro - 2009

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Ben Se Drop Down

Medlem siden: 27.02.09
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  Citér Ben Citér  BesvarSvar Direkte Link til dette Indlæg Emne: Swedish 4 day enduro - 2009
    Sendt: 20.01.10 kl. 23:42
It was ages ago, but better late than never with a bit of a writeup about the Swedish 4 days enduro.  This is an awesome event, with a whole bunch of riding over the course of, would you believe, 4 days.

So firstly, what is it all about

The 4 days is an enduro event held every year in week 27 (from Monday to Thursday if I remember right) in Sweden.  At the pointy end is a very competitive event, there are plenty of really good riders and they ride fast.  However it is entirely possible for anyone to ride it.  There is a base camp, and each day you ride out for the day and return to base in the evening.  It's possible to camp and it seems most riders do.  Many take there family and make it part of their summer holiday, so there is a great, relaxed atmosphere about the event.

It is a roadbook event, so each evening you are given the next days roadbook (if you don't know what a roadbook is, look HERE) to feed into your roadbook holder.  Then the next morning you take off and follow the roadbook all day.  Generally you'll ride about 200km a day (ca. 50% asphalt and 50% gravel) between 4 or 5 special stages.  The special stages vary, from a couple of laps of a motorcross track, to a course round a grassy paddock to serious enduro courses.  Generally they are from 5-15 minutes long and always great fun.

The competitive side of the event is built on your special stage times and any penalties from the road sections.  Throughout the day you will ride through checkpoints (the first of which is the start of the course in the camping area).  You need to be at these checkpoints exactly at your specified time.  Both early and late give penalty time.  Every rider gets a list of their checkpoint times with their roadbook.

What's it like to ride
As I said there are a fair few serious riders out there, but it is also something that most riders could complete.  I dragged my stock DR650 through the event last year.  I wasn't stylish, and was overtaken more than noce, but no-one got angry or annoyed that I was too slow and in their way.  There are also alot of riders, 240 in 2009.

The special stages in 2009 had huge variety, we rode motorcross tracks, sandy enduro tracks, grass paddocks, army training grounds, muddy gravel quarries and more.  I found them challenging to ride fast, but never impossible to ride.

The times set for the roadbook sections are easily achievable with normal riding.  They only become a challenge if you get lost or break down or have to go and get petrol (so you end up a little pushed for time quite often).  Another point to note is that if you arrive late at a checkpoint, then you need to arrive exactly that late at all the rest of the checkpoints.  For example if you were 3 minutes late at CP1 then you need to add 3 minutes to your time for CP2, 3, 4, etc...  This makes sure that you always have a reasonable amount of time to make it between the checkpoints and don't get penalised multiple times for the one delay.  There is also an hour's enforced lunch break.

What sort of bike and equipment do I need?
Any off-road bike with good knobby tires will see you through.  Yes, the lighter and more enduro the better, but you can do it on a bigger bike, just a little slower.  There were about a dozen KTM 950s competing last year.

The only other equipment needed is a roadbook holder (you can get some inspiration here, about the last 20 photos show the full spectrum available).  A good trip meter or bike computer helps with navigation, but you can use your standard trip meter.

So where do I stay
There is camping available at the central base.  Plenty of people come with big campers or caravans or you can pitch a tent (unfortunately I'd lent my tent to a friend so it was the back of the Volvo for me).  There's probably the option of renting a cabin nearby too.  It's also possible to buy meal tickets so you don't even have to think about food all week.  Breakfast and dinner are organised at the campsite and lunch is done out on the course.  I thought this option was great, though it's also possible to buy only lunches and cook your own meals in camp.

And what do I need to organise
Not as much as you may think.  Last year I decided to ride about 10 days before the event, and everything managed to work even at such short notice.  The big things you need are a racing license and an entry in the event.

A racing license is obtained by joining DORMCK (400kr) and then getting in touch with endurojohnny who is in charge of their licenses (700kr for a year long DMCU enduro license).  You need a passport photo for the license.

Entry details for the event are posted up at and I found them helpful with my questions despite my late application.

Note that there are scrutineering rules (including noise) for all motorbikes (these are found on  I am not sure how closely they check all of these, my bike had it's brake lights and horn checked, but I saw other bikes competing without.

That's all the big stuff you need to organise.

So, should I do it?

Other info and photos:
My photos from 2009
Some professional photos from the event - Click on the 1, 2, 3, 4 near the top of the page.
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tommerup Se Drop Down
TKD Medlem....
TKD Medlem....

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  Citér tommerup Citér  BesvarSvar Direkte Link til dette Indlæg Sendt: 21.01.10 kl. 06:32
Great write up BenClap
MVH Pauli.

Dirt roads rule!!
Twins rock!

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